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Get pregnant it’s the biggest miracle of nature!

Pregnancy in general and especially a first time pregnancy, raises many questions and involves much research work about how to get pregnant what to expect and more……

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We try to make it easier for you and so we have gathered as much information as we think can help you, providing you with as many answers to your questions so you don't have to jump from website to website to get the answers. You can find here all the answers about pregnancy, just browse through the website!


You will find articles about how to get pregnant how to have a healthy pregnancy, risks and opportunity during your pregnancy, you will learn that pregnant time can be fun, full of excitements and you will find some useful  pregnancy tips and more .

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Benefits of getting pregnant

One morning you wake up and find out that you are pregnant. Well don’t be worried. Once you get pregnant there is nothing to be afraid of, many women see the pregnancy as a burden. Well you need to carry weight, get out of shape for nine months but at the same time who wouldn’t want a toddler? There are many benefits that women tend over look when they are will get pregnant.

Once a woman gets pregnant her hormones are increased. This not only is beneficial for the fetus but for the  To Get Pregnant mother too. Hormones – sex hormones and other hormones maintain the well being of the mother. These hormones are also responsible for a long fertile period and on the other hand they also ensure a good healthy life.  Another great advantage of getting pregnant is that it stabilizes your marriage. Not only does the child increase the love between the two parents but he or she would also ensure that you stay in wedlock. People with children tend to avoid splitting put for the benefit of their child.

Pregnancy gives the woman a break. Well some would find this as an over statement. But to be honest while on one hand you are out of shape on the other you can eat what you want and when you want it. It helps your health tremendously. Get pregnant and have a chance of getting rid of your tiring diet plan. When you eat all that you want to and that too in a sufficient amount automatically your health improves. Not only does your body get the required amount of nutrients but so does your mind and heart.

Another major benefit that you must to know that after you are pregnant is that you get more attention from your spouse.  He would be gentle and kind towards you. The two of you would become closer emotionally. This will help out in your relationship in the future. Another important thing that women need to do after they get pregnant is to eliminate bad habits. These include the discontinuation of smoking and drinking. This discontinuation of about nine months ultimately leads to stop such habits. This eventually renders better health for the mother. Your lungs and rest of the respiratory system becomes healthy. The condition of the liver and the gastric tract are also improving.

Get pregnant and find out that you are not suffering from the painful period cramps anymore. Although you aware to the fact that you have to carry the added weight and go through the morning sickness but there is a halt on the menstrual cycle for  whole nine months! It is also possible that your menstrual cramps will disappear after the pregnancy when your period resumes. This is a welcoming feeling.

You may find this surprising but the risk of developing cancer is also reduced after you get pregnant. Pregnancy protects a woman against to fatal kinds of cancers such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer. This factor is still a theory but some medical specialists suggest that this effect is due to the fact that during pregnancy the occurrence of ovulation ceases. This reduces the likelihood of ovarian cancer. Another theory tells us that breasts that not produce milk has a higher chance of developing breast cancer.

With the pregnancy comes the increase in senses. Yes this is true. Have you ever heard a pregnant woman criticize a particular smell? Yes of course you have and you wonders that this particular smell is not at all that strong or retaliating. This increase in the sense of smell is what makes of taste so good in later on in your pregnancy. Some of the medical specialists suggest that the presence of this increased sense of smell is due to the increase in the estrogen levels. Lastly pregnancy gives you a new found confidence. Once you know that a person is developing inside of you and you will be responsible to bring the baby to this world there is a sense of fulfillment and an unmatched confidence level.

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